About The Group


Every journey has a beginning. Sugal Group's perceptive efforts may have had a humble starting point but it has today diversified into areas that touch the lives of people every day in some way or the other.



Shri Sugalchand Jain's father moved from Rajasthan to Chennai and commenced a pawn broking business. But Shri Sugalchand Jain, backed by strong business acumen, recognized economic, social and commercial potential in other business domains and hence considered diversification.

Way back in 1973, his determination to turn the game of luck into a winning futuristic proposition, planted a seed of inception of a business empire. He made his entry in the world of lotteries and revolutionized the proposition with a community objective. Mobilizing resources for various State Governments and maximizing social welfare activities were the underlying objective of the lottery business.



In 1988, a decade and half later, the visionary Shri N Sugalchand Jain, entered into several other ventures with the active participation of Shri Gunwant Damani and Shri Pravin Chheda that formed the backbone of the group's growth and expansion under the banner of Sugal & Damani.

Sugal Group


In 2008, Sugal & Damani group observed distinctive organization of their various businesses. Thus Sugal Group came into being; with infusion of participation from second (Shri Prasanchand Jain and Shri Vinodh Kumar) and third generation (Shri Pramod Jain and Shri Pratik Jain) members of the family further heightened potential and values the entity has been delivering over decades.

Sugal Group has since forayed into multiple verticals with talented crew of professionals and experts distinct in each discipline. The Group strives to deliver value and achieve substantial outcomes across all business domains consistently and successfully.

Sugal Group focuses primarily and predominantly to offer highest standards of service and quality. Diverse spheres including Real Estate & Warehousing, Lottery & Gaming, Information Technology, Shares & Commodity Broking and Education; Sugal Group is a name that is synonymous with an illustrious history of milestones and indelible trust.

The Group believes in giving back to the society that has fostered its development for over four decades. Shri Sugalchand Jain's numerous philanthropic initiatives in many fields including education are strong pillars of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibilities. Several educational institutions and Charity Trusts are a culmination of genuine interests in improving the quality of life.