Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation


Most of us are aware that there are a large number of individuals and institutions spread over throughout the country serving their fellowmen, under very difficult conditions in their self-chosen task of acting as good Samaritans. These individuals and institutions faced many hardships, physical or otherwise, apart from the fact that there are not many who are willing to come forward to encourage and assist them. A larger number of people ridicule them as mere do gooders chasing recognition and rewards. Our countrymen, as a rule, are slow to recognize merit or initiative let alone reward them. In the circumstances it is not at all surprising that those who are engaged in serving their fellowmen, without any consideration of rewards, feel disheartened and more often then not discontinue the good work.

This apart, others who may be inclined to undertake similar projects for helping the needy, feel discouraged and give up the idea. The result is that there are still large areas in the country, not only in the remote areas, which continue to be neglected, the population therein suffering for want of basic facilities in the social sector namely education, public health, good drinking water and the like. Even the existence of the institutions and individuals serving their fellowmen rarely come to the knowledge of the public or governmental bodies.

Shri Sugalchand Jain and a few of his friends felt that something should be done to ensure that this clan of good Samaritans are identified, nurtured and encouraged not only with a view to focus public attention on their activities, but also to encourage others to take up community and social services as a worthwhile exercise.


This initiative took concrete shape in the form of the setting up of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation as a public charitable trust by Shri Sugalchand Jain and the institution of annual awards, namely the Mahaveer Awards to be given away to individuals and institutions whose service to the needy sections of the humanity met the exacting standards of evaluation prescribed by the Foundation.

The awards carry a cash component of Rs. 10 Lakhs each with a Memento and a Citation. The Foundation have so far received thousands of nominations since inception for the Awards from all over the country and so far 84 awardees from 22 States and 1 Union Territory have been honoured in recognition of their very high standard of selfless service for the welfare of the underprivileged.

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