"We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in." — Arianna Huffington

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Sugal Group ventured into real estate by investing in one property. However, the numerous realms this industry exhibited were truly one-of-a-kind.

Sugal Group specializes in the offering of dry storage and services for a variety of goods including packaged foods and beverages.

Access to global packaging resources strengthens its pledge to “deliver the best closure systems in the world, on time”. We are a recognised leader.

Generation of power through wind energy is one of the cleanest and most efficient methods as it eliminates harmful effects on the environment.

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Lottery & Gaming

Summit Online Trade Solutions, under the Sugal & Damani Group was established to manage and operate lotteries of several State Governments. The primary and predominant objective of the company is to mobilize resources for State Governments including that of Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Punjab, Sikkim & West Bengal and many others in facilitating social welfare activities in the respective states.

Technological advancement, computerization and usage of high intelligence software have enabled Skill Lotto Solutions to achieve increased efficiency, optimized control and reduced operational cost. More than 20,000 computers based Online Lottery Terminals have already been rolled out by the company in numerous Indian states efficiently.


IT Solutions

Sugal & Damani Group incubated Skilrock Technologies in 2007 to develop Technology solutions for Lotteries and Gaming industry using its four decades of operational experience and domain knowledge acquired by running the largest Lottery operation of India. Nearing a decade, Skilrock has grown leaps & bounds and is considered as one of the leading Technology solutions providers for the Gaming industry.

Skilrock has its presence extended across 3 continents. Skilrock was created to offer customized solutions for international markets through two important solutions – Quality and Innovation. From the time of its inception till date, Skilrock has delivered numerous innovative software solutions.


Utility Services

Payworld is an initiative from Sugal & Damani Group of companies. Flagging off its operations in 2006, Payworld has built a formidable presence in India with over 62,000 active retail touch-points across 630 Cities and 23 States providing access to untouched market segments to the service providers.

Payworld, which builds on the business philosophy of "Making Life Simple" offering smart solutions by their intelligent electronic transaction-processing platform where a consumer can do transactions by visiting retail touch points by paying cash. These retail points uses Payworld's application which runs on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile phones using Android, Windows, iOS & Java platforms.


Share Broking

Established in 1995, Sugal & Damani Share Brokers Ltd. offers a holistic spectrum of investment management activities with specialization in share and commodity trading. Our extensive knowledge of the country's financial and capital markets, broad research expertise and competence in risk assessment and management have enabled our clients to invest their trust and time with us.

Sustaining and growing your wealth can be a challenging and daunting task in an economy that is characterized by unexpected and unanticipated turbulent times. The sheer volatility of the market demands expert assistance when it comes to wealth management.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Most of us are aware that there are a large number of individuals and institutions spread over throughout the country serving their fellowmen.

Jains India Trust as a Religious Charitable Trust, has been established by Shri Sugalchand Jain, renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Vidya Jyothi Trust is established with the main objective of development of social, educational and intellectual level of the youth.

Singhvi Charitable Trust was started in the year 1974 with the objective to assist the weaker sections of the community particularly in the field of medical.

Empathy Foundation is a registered charitable trust serving the underprivileged in rural Maharashtra and economically backward people living in urban slums.